allright rig 2.0

How is allright rig 2.0 working? One click to get an animated and rigged skeleton??? Opinion. Thanks.

It takes some setup for a custom mesh, but after that it’s just a few clicks to rig another skeletal mesh with the same skeleton. The example project comes with presets for UE4 Mannequin and several other common skeletons.

His channel on Youtube gives a good idea of how it works:

I haven’t started incorporating it 100% but it’s definitely useful for creating and editing Sequencer animations. You can also bake out Sequencer animations to Anim Sequence assets and use those in anim blueprints or whatever. Obviously not as fully-featured as a good Maya rig, but then again, you need Maya for that…

Would AR rig 2 help in re-targeting Paragon Chars? It takes me about an hour to do it now. Thanks for the info.

It doesn’t have any retargeting tools of its own. Closest thing would probably be ARR’s ability to bake existing anim sequences to the control rig in Sequencer.

Why does it take an hour? UE4’s built-in retargeting tools should work for most cases…

I am getting it down to about half an hour now.