ALLPACS Unreal Search Tool

Hello Fellow Sellers,

ALLPACS here. We made a tool that we’d like to share with everyone.

We built the ALLPACS Unreal Search Tool because we were frustrated by Unreal’s default search capabilities on the marketplace website. Our main issue was that Unreal limits search results to titles and summaries, while omitting pack descriptions. This means that if you search for “drone”, for example, only packs that include the word drone in their title and/or summary get returned. This doesn’t give you a true account of what’s available on the marketplace. It omits any packs that might have “drone” in the description.

We search the marketplace quite a bit when researching our next pack and wanted a better tool for doing so. So we built one.

Here are some of the features included with the ALLPACS Unreal Search Tool that you may not find on the Unreal website:

  • Search results include descriptions and technical details
  • Search for sellers by name
  • Single-page javascript application with minimal UI for a faster search experience
  • All results appear on a single page
  • Sort by price, rating, or date
  • Updates daily

We’ve been using this tool internally for the past few months and thought other sellers might get some value from it as well. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Matt & Trevor