ALLPACS - Server Room and Hacker Space Asset Pack [VR WALKTHROUGH - DEV DIARY]

Hey Guys,
Happy Holidays to you all. We were having some fun in our current pack in production and created a Dev Diary to show the the work in progress.
We are hoping to submit the pack in the next week, theres still alot we want to cram into it whilst still maintaining our high quality standard, baking and optimised 0% fat…
I will be posting some images in the next couple of days and looking for any extra ideas or suggestions to include in the initial release and subsequent updates.
The dev diary is quite relaxed so for sure expect a final pack video once we complete it thats punchy and includes all the features when we release.

Customization currently includes:
Adding your own decals and stickers directly onto the walls and input your own black and white png and color picking directly inside the material instance.
Customize the color of the HDD, Server unit and Fan unit.
Fulll cabling options for the back ports and cabling ceiling trays
Build your own Hack Space/HQ
Build your own high end, high tech server farm room.
and much more…