ALLPACS Drone/Quadcopter & Helicopter Kit Flying Pack [UPDATE 2.1]

ALLPACS Drone/Quadcopter & Helicopter Kit Flying Pack makes it easy and fun for players to fly a quadcopter. Simply drag a drone into any level and it’s ready to go. Both the controls and mesh designs are based on the most popular consumer models available in stores today.

UPDATE #2 NOW AVAILABLE (includes a time attack mini-game, 4.18 compatibility, a default pawn option, and improved controls)

ALLPACS is a two person team. We’ve been working on our first pack over the past few months and have just submitted it to the marketplace. We have a growing list of features that we’d like to add to the pack (see our roadmap below), but we’d like to hear from the community first so that we are making stuff people actually want. We’re open to ideas and are eager to hear your feedback.



  • Three custom drone materials, including one material that can be customized by the player to suit their color, roughness, dirt, and metalness preferences.
  • Arcade-style controls based on the Unreal Engine character movement component in order to optimize for multiplayer compatibility.
  • Gamepad support designed for a fun and exciting player experience that mimics the latest consumer drone controls.
  • Single drone blueprint with a clean node structure, detailed comments, and tooltips for every variable.
  • Editable settings for max speed, acceleration, deceleration, max roll, max pitch, camera lag, camera distances, and sound effects.
  • A propeller bone system that allows bones to be placed anywhere while permitting sharing of a single animation.
  • An intuitive pick-up system that allow players to pick-up, carry, and drop-off specified items (sample pick-up objects included).
  • Drone Kit Flying Pack is VR ready, intended as a seated VR experience where the player control the drone using a gamepad controller while using the headset to view the environment around them.


  • Combat system (guns, capture net)
  • Phone or controller screen showing drone footage in first-person mode, with rigged arms
  • Improved multiplayer networking for pickup objects (works as-is but with some bugs, not currently tested/supported)
  • Drone autoroute (i.e. return to home location via path, rather than teleport)
  • AI system (patrol path, target detection, combat, etc)
  • Time attack mini-game
  • Additional drone styles (commercial, military, etc)
  • Parcel request/delivery system
  • Mesh customization via morph targets


I like it and the roadmap features seem promising. Whats your price point on this?

Hey bestscreenname! We submitted the pack at a price point of $35, but that may change.

We’re excited about the roadmap features too. The idea is to get feedback from the Unreal community so we can work on stuff people want. Which roadmap features are you interested in?

Also, this wasn’t listed in the roadmap features, but we plan on releasing a free skin for the drone every couple of weeks. We’ll be adding the first skin this week, preemptive to the release of the pack. You can expect about six new free skins over the next few months. Again, the themes we release will be based on feedback from the community. Can you think of any skins you might like to see from us?

Looks cool, gg :wink:

Hey thanks Macoll, I like your SciFi Props Pack, looks tight.

We just finished a skin for this months giveaway. Anyone that has any skins ideas for the next one you can find and let us know on here or by visiting us at .
We are going to make the skin free for a limited time each month on gumroad its released preemptive to the release of the pack you can find it at: allpacs

Hi everyone! We put together a 20 minute video of the skin creation process in case anyone is interested. It highlights some of the features of our drone model and the latest skin that’s available on Gumroad for free for a limited time, here:

We’re really excited to get this drone pack out to the community. Enjoy!

Hi Everyone,

After a slight delay, we’re happy to announce that our Drone Kit Flying Pack is now available on the marketplace for $29.99! We hope to make some additional free skins available for download on Gumroad soon. Also, please let us know if you have any feedback as we’re open to suggestions for future updates.

Matt & Trev

A little bonus update is coming, Weve been listening to emails you’ve sent us and will be announcing the full list of details this week for the update.

So currently in production is another drone, It is in the shop being textured currently. This is based on a popular model of drone.
This drone comes with 4k textures (advised you use 2048 and below for most modern games) It looks great at 1024pixels but we provide 4k for those high res freaks.
Similar to the Drone included in the pack, this has high quality meshes/normal map and textures that will hold up to cinematic cutscene and closeups whilst being technically optimized for the best quality visuals and gameplay in your game.

We look forward to post the release images and details.…it-flying-pack
Matt & Trev

Hi Everyone,

Our first update is now live on the marketplace!

We’re pretty excited about the update. It includes a new drone model and blueprint with a range of team colors, material parameters to show damage on collisions, and improved third person camera functionality (we had kept camera lag out of the initial release because there was bug Unreal needs to resolve, but we’ve since been able to resolve the issue on our side!).

On top of that, we had a specific request from a customer about whether they would be able to use the Drone Kit Flying Pack to operate a helicopter. We weren’t entirely sure how that would play out but we did some testing and were pleasantly surprised with the results, so we’ve now added a helicopter model with it’s own blueprint to the pack!

We hope you enjoy the update. We’re continuing to work on more features to make the Drone Kit Flying Pack the best flying kit on the market. Next up we hope to add another new drone model, an additional helicopter model, improved helicopter functionality, and a time attack system. If you have any requests for features we’d love to hear them.

Matt & Trevor

Hey guys,


It includes a time attack mini-game, 4.18 compatibility, a default pawn option, and improved helicopter controls.

We made a short TIME ATTACK DEMO VIDEO to help you get started with making a time attack mini-game. Enjoy!
As always, let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions for features to include in future updates.

Matt & Trevor


Christmas fun: The Drone gets a bonus Wobbly Santa Hat, incase you guys make an update for Christmas release or just to change it up while your testing or developing your current game.

Thanks to all

Matt & Trevor.



[RELEASED] Update 2.1 is live.
Just a little gift to thank everyone who supported the pack.


v2.1 thumbnail.jpg

Hello guys! Thks for this lovely pack! But Can you give the settings To make it work with an htc vive? I’d like to try it on my Maps.

When i teleport next to a drone, i can’t take control of it.

Need help…

best regards

Happy New year Will,
You need to possess the drone as a pawn, Using the first person player mode you can control the camera of the drone when flying it. Full VR support is something we are considering adding in an update but tis not an easy feat to map and control the Drone solely by the Vive controls. At the moment its perfectly mapped to a gamepad like an xbox controller like you would find on current consumer model double joystick controllers.

Hey Will did you get our reply we presumed it was your email address that messaged us aswell?

There will be an update to Drone Pack coming very soon in May. Any other questions, please just hit us up directly to our email address.

Thanks for your support on our pack so far.
2.79 render.jpg
Drone_01 Merker (King custom skin) 3 skins inc in Pack + full RGB color change body skin.

Hey guys, wondering how to setup pawn switching per map based on a pers level blueprint running the show.

Trying to “Set Default Pawn” when casting to BP_Gamemode, but it’s not changing from default value set as Spectator.

Any ideas?