Allowing easy integration of custom shaders (including geometry and compute shaders)

I am a veteran Unity user who has changed over Unreal a few months ago. I am in love with all aspects of UE4 and regret not changing sooner. However, there is one area where I just can’t believe UE4 didn’t tackle appropriately yet: shaders. My current professional project makes extensive use of geometry and compute shaders and I can’t seem to find a reasonable way to convert those from Unity to UE4. In Unity it’s all about creating a new shader file and using a few functions to set buffers, dispatch, drawprocedural or blit.

In UE4, the very few mentions I’ve found about all that sum up to having to deeply alter the engine’s code and recompile the whole engine after every single shader change. And yet, there is no documentation on exactly how to do the needed changes to shaders, or how to deal with buffers, dspatch, drawprocedural, blit, etc.

Are there any plans on improving that front in UE4? Unleashing the power of geometry, tesselation and compute shaders is an absolute must have for high-performance projects. So far, that’s the only thing that is preventing me from moving all my game (which is roughly in 75% stage of completion) to UE4.