Allowed to use "Tappy Chicken" as Template for own Project?

Heyo UE Community and Devs,

I had a small idea with a couple friends and we saw the Tappy Chicken game for UE4 and that it also is available in its entirety from the Marketplace as a Project File.

Before doing anything dumb:

Would it be allowed to use the Tappy Chicken Project for a small game and to release it either as non-commercial or commercial?



Hey Maxunit,

Most of the information that you are looking for can be found here: i Believe that the question “What all comes with my Unreal Engine 4 subscription?” If you had any other questions that are unclear, you can post on our AnswerHub under the Legal and licensing section. here is the link for that:

Thanks and have a great day!

Hello Sean Gribbin,

This part of the FAQ:

pretty much answers it, I think.

I any case, I will post on the Legal and Licensing Section on AnswerHub, when the time has come :slight_smile:

I had the FAQ Page open earlier today already and I should read more carefully :wink:

Have a great day as well, Sean Gribbin.