Allow us to download our asset packs from the website manually / Shortcomings of the Epic Games Launcher

I just got a new computer and installed UE4 from source for the first time. However I have also had to install a launcher binary version of UE4 merely because the launcher offers no way for me to download my marketplace engine plugins or project plugins to my source-built engine or projects.

The launcher should be a hub, not a bottleneck!

Also, the launcher doesn’t actually display your purchased marketplace assets until you find them on the marketplace Vault section of the website. That took me a good frustrating hour to figure that out. Very bad!

While that’s good feedback this is nothing actionable.

I’d change the topic to “Allow us to download our asset packs from the website manually”.

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theres a github program that lets you do that somewhere - it does suck its not a one button click on the launcher esp as there is a program called UaASSETS ON The marketplace by Nate that lets u open those packs from within a project just like its in your content browser

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