Allow to customize viewport controls

Hi guys and thanks for this stunning Engine.
To optimize the work, i would like to assign to certain functions, different controls. For example change the PAN and ORBIT control with that of 3ds MAX (Middle Mouse button to PAN and ALT+Middle mouse button to ORBIT).

Thanks again!

Hi Vindkald,

As Jared pointed out here:

This is already in the editor. You can Alt+LMB to orbit, Alt+MMB to pan, and Alt+RMB to zoom in/out on an object.

Hey Adam, any chance of the orbit getting an orbit around the pick point so we don’t have to press F all the time?

but my request is for a fully customizable controls, if possible. A good viewport camera handling is important for level creation.

Thanks for the answer.

Hi, I second this request.

I’d like to be able to reassign the mouse controls and modifier keys for viewport orbit, look, pan, etc. It’d be great to be able to assign an arbitrary combination of custom modifier key (or no key) + custom mouse button for any of those. E.g., if I want orbit to be middle-mouse drag (vs. the default Ctrl+left mouse button drag), I want to be able to do that.

Any chance of that happening soon? That’d be sweet!

I’d like to request this too.

For those willing to build from source… a pull request has been created that adds 3ds Max style viewport controls. See for more details.

Please add this feature. I use Blender and lack of custom viewport controls in UE editor is a hell. It destroys the workflow. So basic feature is missing…

It would really be great if Middle Mouse Button ORBITED the camera instead of PANNED the camera, like Blender. Would be nice to be able to change this