Allow to customize (hide/move incons) in the editor ToolBar

As simple as the title says.

In this example layout for developing a portrait screen mobile game see how I have 4 icons that I almost will never need while the play button is hidden.




you can make it smaller in first screen of editor preference.

btw, there are a bug, and small toolbar icons is not shown in Anim Editor Slot Manager loupe icon
screan one and two

Agreed with **piXelicidio. **The most important items are always furthest on the right, and thus get added to the ending arrow expansion button. Would be nice to hide items that are not being used, or put them at the end.

Scaling the buttons smaller is helpful (also, it seems that some custom plugins don’t have smaller-scale icons, and get erased when using that option), but still would be nice to have both.

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