Allow TexCoord Parameterisation? :P

Just an idea and idk how much of a pain it’d be for Unreal devs to implement, but it would be pretty neat if it were easier to switch the UV channels of a texture easier per-material instance. Right now I have to use boolean trees to switch between them and the graph can get kinda messy when you need to set up a tree to allow, say, the option to switch between 4, 5 or even more UV channels.

It would be cool if the TexCoord’s Coordinate Index could be modified via a scalar parameter much like how the UV tiling values can be. For example, you might multiply the TexCoord by a parameter to get the UV tiling vector2 and append on the coordinate index (which can be modified by multiplying by a scalar parameter) to get a vector3, and then the Texture Sample nodes can just automatically understand that the first Vector2 is for tiling and the third value for the coordinate index. Or a more convenient/understandable way would be to have the TexCoord have 2 outputs: the UV tiling and the coordinate index. Then the texture sample nodes have an additional input pin so that it can accept the coordinate index from the TexCoord node separately from the UV tiling pin. Idk, just a quick QoL idea for UV stuff I thought of and had to get down before I forgot haha. If anyone has a better way than using booleans / IF statements to modify UV Coordinate Indexes per-material instance, I’d love to see how you approach it. I just feel some modifications to the TexCoord node would make constructing master materials a little easier. It’s quite a pain building boolean trees that can theoretically account for meshes that have lots of UV channels for different purposes. :slight_smile: