Allow short search terms in forums

Hi there,

my search terms are constantly getting ignored because they have less than 4 characters. Seriously, there are lots of meaningful words with 3 characters. Just think RPG, RTS, FPS, 1st person, 3rd person and the list goes on.
Please allow search terms with 3 letters :slight_smile:


+1 for this.

We had(still have) the same problem in the UDK forums, and really the only way to have a “real” search there is to use bing/google to search within the forums, which is inconvenience.

Now this alone wouldn’t make the search feature perfect of course, as we all know the vBulletin’s reputation when it comes to search, lol, but this sure makes it more useful nevertheless.

I think that using Tags (already ready to use in the Forum) are the better approach, but users should be aware that they can use them or they should be forced to use minimum one Tag in every thread while posting a thread.
But then the Tags shoud be managed in a good way - only predefined tags by Epic.

Not sure what all VBulletin allows here, but I’ll bring this up w/ our Forum folks to have them investigate what can be done here. =)

Thanks Jo! I really appreciate that.

If it helps your forum folks, vBulletin uses the MySQL full-text search which by default excludes words with 3 characters or less. Details can be found here.