Allow recording from different matinee cameras while still playing from standard!

I was so happy when i looked into matinee this week and saw that you could record game play from different cameras. I thought man, the days of having friends have to connect to my game as spectator and record different angles for me with fraps is over. like this:

But no… its not :frowning:

I can set up a camera and record from it sure but thats not extremely helpful unless im just recording scripted playback. What if I want to be recording game play from different angles or rooms.
Event begin play on the matinee actor in the level blueprint does capture the specific camera while its playing but it also forces me to watch that camera too so i can’t see my character at all (since he starts in a different room, not where this camera is watching.)

Like I want to be able to control my character as per normal from my TPS follow cam… but the MOVIE be recording from a different camera to get whats going on at a different angle.

Further to this, I’d like to be able to set up 2-3 cameras in the level and have them all record their own perspectives into seperate video files while I’m playing out the scene. That way I can do the scene once and get 2-4 different angles!

It looks like the framework to make this happen is already on its way there. can this be added soon? like… real soon? lol.

I know this is a super thread necro, but I found this thread while researching if there was a way to record from placed spectator cameras. Any progress or tools for this by chance?