Allow projectile rotation (with friction)

Hi all,

I believe this question is probably extremely simple… But I still cannot find the answer. I’m not an extremely experienced UE4 programmer, so please be patient… :slight_smile:

Using the first person shooter template, I created a custom projectile with a different mesh on it (as you see, extremely simple!). But the problem is that with the new mesh I clearly see now that when shooting the “balls” they do not rotate while bouncing (even if I add angular dragging).

How would you allow this projectiles to (realistically) rotate when bouncing/colliding? I assumed this should be included within the physics simulation… So I guess the fact of using the “FirstPersonProjectile” blueprint is the problem…

Any idea?


I have this question as well. Does anybody know the answer?

I think if you follow the steps in this answer, you will have the answer you’re looking for. I know this is super old, but I was looking for the answer myself.