Allow other version Visual Studio

I have 2013 professional edition with original key of product and I like this version. Starting 4.11 I guess just do in VSS 2015 and I don’t understand the reasons, but it’s cool when you do a new tools allow old things continue working.
One thing that i hate in google tools is this each new version of a tool the oldest things depreciated sample this is: Android Studio and Python.
Please don’t follow this way.

My humble opinion.

You’re not going to like this, but…
This just isn’t going to happen. The engine uses a lot of C99 code, and VS 2015 introduced the full C99 standard libs, whereas 2013 is only a partial implementation.
They would have to axe a lot of performance and new features in order to support older versions of VS, which is more backpedaling rather than backwards compatibility.
But you can get the express versions of VS for free, and pretty much any version of UE4 works just fine with those.

I use the VS2013 IDE for development and just have VS2015 installed for compiling. Due to the projects being set to building with UBT (which finds the VS2015 tools itself) this works just fine. Actually even VS2015 Express for Deskop with its friendlier license works.
When you open the UE4 generated solution .sln in VS2013, it will refuse to open the projects at first. Just right-click the two projects that failed to load (UE4 and your game project) in the solution explorer and select ‘Edit ***.vcxproj’. Then remove the line that says ‘<MinimumVisualStudioVersion>14.0</MinimumVisualStudioVersion>’. In the UE4 vcxproj it should be near the top, for the game vcxproj you might need to scroll down a bit. Save and close the files and restart VS2013 (or just close and re-open the solution without restarting). There you go! Works and builds fine.
Since UE4.12 you can even use the ‘Go To Code’ feature inside UE4 editor and it finds the VS2013 instance. UE4.11 used to forcefully open VS2015 (IIRC).

You should get community instead: Visual Studio Community 2019 - Free IDE and Developer Tools