Allow one PlayParticleEffect notify play various particle effects in various cases.

Sometimes, we’ll need to bind several different particle effects to one same character animation sequence at excatly the same frame of sequence. Which particle effect to play at the moment can depend on some conditions. But it doesn’t make sense to copy/paste a couple of anim sequences in order to achieve this. If every PlayParticleEffect notify could be an independent blueprint would be great for adding various conditions that determine which particle effect to play at the moment.

No one interested ? So, is there any existing solution to handle the situation I mentioned above ? Any advice please. :confused:


PlayParticleEffect is actually a blueprint that’s stored in the engine content area. If you want a custom notify similar to it - create a new blueprint and inherit from AnimNotify. You can do this by selecting “All Classes” from the new blueprint menu when the editor asks you what kind of blueprint to make.

After you’ve made the functionality you want, the notify should appear in the “Add Notify” section of the menu in Persona and you can add it to your sequences.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for reply! That’s exactly what I want. :wink: