Allow Local 2 Player Multiplayer with One key / Mouse and One Controller


as I understand, right now when you do local multiplayer, player 1 will always be controlled by Gamepad1 and Keyboard / Mouse. This means, to use local coop, you effectivly need 2 Gamepads. I don’t think that this really is practical at all, since a lot of people don’t have two gamepads for their PCs. From a players point of view, it seems to be reasonable to assume, that for local coop, you could use your keyboard for one player and your gamepad for another player. Also, a lot of games allow for local coop, where both players use the same keyboard (wasd) vs arrow keys.
It would be great, if you guys could add this feature.

Hi Brainshack,

This is already being discussed on another thread, here: Keyboard = p1 gamepad = p2 please! - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums!

Please continue the conversation over there. I’m closing this as a duplicate.