Allow import of GCP locations in images


As requested: Importing GCP location in photos

I’d like to be able to import not only GCPs (name and coordinates) but also the pixel location of these GCPs in images.

I have no particular format in mind (my understanding is that RC is flexible in this regard, though I haven’t tried it), but imagine something like

<image filename>,<GCP name>,pixel x, pixel y

Clearly there can be 0-n lines of this type for each image, and 0-n lines for each GCP. Loading a file of this type could create missing GCPs with unknown location.

I anticipate using this facility with AprilTags: - we’d run the images through the apriltag finder first, and load the found tags into RC as GCPs.

Clearly, it would be possible to build apriltag detection and location into RC, which would be neat too, but not necessary in the short term. Allowing import of pixel locations would enable other approaches to tagging too.


Thank you for the feature request. You are very right. We will implement this feature for sure. It is on the features plan with high priority.

+1 for this.

Maybe in *. mea or *. patb format, like the import capabilities of photomod or inpho sw.

Hi lads

Very important feature. They need to be non-corrected measurements tho. Any chance of including XML format? Has this been included yet?



Hello Gotz,

Importing CP measurements was implemented long time ago.

Go to ALIGNMENT/Import/Control Points and import control points in CVS format as Mr. Harvey suggested one year ago.

<image filename>,<GCP name>,pixel x, pixel y