Allow "Folders" to be checked in View Options when searching for assets in Details panel.

When I click the box to load in an asset through the asset browser (in the Details panel), it seems to display all of the assets within my entire project. At this point I can either drag a mesh from the content browser onto the box into the Details panel or type the name in to search for it; I can only imagine having thousands of meshes would make searching for the mesh within the browser window an obsolete method. With View Options, the option to select “Show Folders” is un-checkable/grayed out, I don’t know why. If I was able to check it, it would make searching for assets a lot easier when not wanting to drag and drop/type name in. Is there any way to enable Show Folders? And if not, I’d like to see that option be enabled, thanks!

EDIT The more I’ve started working on my project, I have an increasing need to be able to assign a path (asset folder) to a variable so that when you open the asset browser within the details of a Static Mesh Variable, it immediately opens the search in the folder that has been defined in the variable. This will make my modular building so much more easier!! Might I suggest that.


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I actually didn’t really want to bump it because of that, but I looked for the rule on bumping but didn’t know where to look. Can I ask what you mean by “Adam appears”?

Hi Ashern,

He’s referring to me :cool:. The general rule is to wait 4 days from the most recent post to bump a thread, which you have done (hence why I refrained from posting). The reason is that when threads are constantly bumped it makes it extremely difficult to get to what is actually important in the threads through the sea of “bump bump bump bump bump” that inevitably occurs without such rules in place, so we ask that it be limited. This helps us to go through the information present without having to sift through posts that provide nothing to the conversation and serve only as a means to move the thread up in the forums. As such, we’ve asked for a four day period, if after that four days you haven’t heard back, feel free to bump it once so it moves up again.

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Oh, hello! Well I didn’t realize at the time, but apparently I did wait 4 days lol. I sure if there was a rule on it or not but now I know, thanks. Even suggestions are reviewed on AnswerHub as well?

Feedback and Feature Requests are still best answered on the forums as they have more exposure here in the feedback section. We do try to get to these as quickly as possible, we simply have to put bug reports and crashes, etc. before feature requests. Having said that, I entered a feature request for the first request here, UE-21328, for it to be considered by the development staff. The second request may be best served by the magnifying glass icon beneath the static mesh dropdown context menu located here:


Is this what you are looking for or could you clarify what you are requesting?

Unfortunately the magnifying glass doesn’t exactly do what I wanted.

Let’s say I have a square cube, and a rectangular cube. I want each of those base cubes to have a “roof” (a mesh that I want to place on top of them). So I’ve modeled a bunch of roofs; some that fit the square cube, and some that fit the rectangular one. Because I want the roofs to attach to the cubes, I made sockets on the base cubes so that I can easily just pop the Roof into place. I didn’t feel like having to drag out and right-click each roof and click “attach to, etc,” because that gets tedious very quick. So what I did was make a blueprint of the square cube, and then one for the rectangular one. I set it up so that a Static Mesh variable links to the socket on my cube. Here you can see the empty Static Mesh box field in the Details panel of my Square Cube Blueprint.

If I click the magnifying glass at this point, it does nothing because no mesh is selected. The green box is showing the empty asset box that, when I drag a mesh from the content browser into, the mesh I’ve chosen will pop right onto the cube in the socket, just as I wanted:

However, I’ve modeled hundreds of roofs that specifically fit the square cube, and I’ve also modeled hundreds of roofs that specifically fit the rectangular roof, so I’ve put them in separate folders. Now, each of those roofs also have different shapes of their own, so within each folder, I’ve made additional folders to further categorize the type of roofs they are. By the end, we can agree that the Roofs folder can be considered heavily nested, especially if I keep making categories. This means that using the content browser to find a specific mesh that fits a specific type of socket becomes a big hassle because I get lost going through the content browser when there’s a lot of deeply nested folders

My other option of selecting a specific roof is to click on the dropdown box in my blueprint’s Details panel to select a mesh from that box: - Sadly, that dropdown box lists every single asset within my entire project folder, which means I can’t just click it and it magically opens up to show me the Square Roof folder/meshes (since that’s what that specific Static Mesh variable and socket are meant to be attached with). For some reason, I can’t click “View Options” and choose Show Folders, because Show Folders is disabled and unselectable. My only option is to type in a name. But if I have hundreds of roofs, I may not specifically know the roof style I’m looking for. Sure, I can type “Roof” , but I still have hundreds of roofs, not to mention roofs that also specifically fit the Rectangular cube. So I’ll have to further type Roof_Square (if I used that naming convention). I don’t want to have to keep typing out the names of the object I want to fit on top of my cube, I just want it to know that the current blueprint is a Square cube, and when I click to locate a mesh for that variable, it shows me the meshes that are made to fit to it. (Obviously it won’t know by itself, but I want to be able to define the folder path within the variable or somewhere in the blueprint)

If I have a square cube mesh with a square socket, I want to open up the static mesh box and it only shows me square roofs initially, without me having to type in a name or sift through my entire library. Hence my request, at the end of this super long example. I want to set my Square Cube Blueprint up in a way that for its Static Mesh Variable, I can choose a folder path within it, so that when I click the empty asset box field within its blueprint’s Detail panel, that it shows the list of assets within the folder I’ve chosen. That way I don’t have to keep typing a name out, because what if I’m using dozens of that cube blueprint, I’d have to keep typing out a name on each one (and a lot of times I forget the exact name seeing as the roofs have various shapes and styles).

If the “Show Folders” options was enabled, it would help a lot, but I still wish that the Details Panel content browser would open to the folder I’ve selected within the blueprint, that way it will take a lot of guess-work out of finding the correct asset that fits the type of blueprint I’ve created.

Does any of this make sense =/?