Allow Epic Accounts to keep the same email addresses for Console sub-forums

The fact that I have to change my email address to match console dev email is silly, because obviously you already would have my Epic Account information and opening up the sub-forum would be simply just allowing the account access (just like you don’t require us to change our emails for Git, we just link the username).

But, whatever, I doubt I’ll be able to change anything. So, fine, I need to change my email address…except… I can’t… I don’t understand why this whole process is so convoluted, but even more so when the required steps are unattainable from my side of things (due to some issues with Epic Account page)

Basically, the email address is greyed out. The Country was also, and the info popup said it was due to making a purchase.No info popup for email address. The Need Help? link is likewise worthless. It takes us to a page …and when you click on Epic Account…it goes back to where it started :frowning:

With all that said: my FR: Allow Epic Accounts to keep the same email addresses for Console sub-forums, there is really absolutely no reason to have to make them change it.

P.S. Can we actually get some useful support links over by that customer-service page? Thanks!

Tried to change my email address today, and same problem, I can’t believe you can’t change your email address… Seems like a basic security necessity… I’m not sure what to do now, other than to go to my old email and forward everything from Epic to my new email, which seems like killing a bug with a nuclear weapon to me… Is there any hidden very good reason for this, or just bad management from Epic? Is this gonna be fixed? If I knew I couldn’t change my email I’d have think deeper about purchasing anything on the store (for now I won’t be buying anything else).