Allow Components to have Reference Default Variables set to the Blueprint itself

I would like to have the feature to allow Blueprints to have Components whose Default Variables are set to other Components of the same Blueprint.

I have Component A that I would like to have a Reference to the SkeletalMesh of my Character.

I can either use “GetComponentByClass” with SkeletalMeshComponent on BeginPlay in the Component or I could manage the References in my Character the same way.
However, In Unity, I can just Drag and Drop Components from (Sub)Objects within a Prefab. I would like to have the same feature so we dont have to initialize References everytime I want to reuse a component.

You can, if your variables are TWeakObjectPtr<>

So all I have to do is to make my variables a Soft Object Reference in the Blueprints/Components?

No, you’re asking about Editor UI usability, I was talking about “code” :slight_smile:

So I cannot.