Allow Client Side Navigation - Safe against cheating?

I’m starting to make an action RPG (like Diablo, Path of Exile etc.) and I found that using click to move can be implemented on clients networking with the ‘Allow Client Side Navigation’.

The naming of it worried me that it may be open to cheating and client side manipualtion. Anyone have any idea what the option does? Tried looking in the source code but didnt really see much that helped me out.

For anyone interested in using click to move without the setup of AI controller/Pawn I used the following settings.

Character > CharacterMovmentComponent > Use Acceleration For Paths [True]

Project Setting > Engine > Navigation Mesh Force Rebuild On Load [True],

Runtime Generation Dynamic [True]

Project Setting > Engine > Navigation Settings > Allow Client Side Navigation [True]

Is this going to allow client side cheating? (move hacks etc.)