Allegorithmic SD and SP

Hy everyone!

I’m recently start to play around with SP and SD and decide to post my first attempt to texture something into UE4. It’s a quick project, with few models just to start with SD and SP.
I have used basically one wood texture with some variations and some painting in SP (which is amazing ), one for the lamps and one for the carpet.

Beside that, I’m was testing how the engine behave in render interior images.
Next step is to make a short movie :wink:


e37f14c217c22e65889ef119069872eff1adc89e.jpeg screenshot005.jpg 39a4b8e102a5db1c7b296e59d33def2e9ea3df77.jpeg e37f14c217c22e65889ef119069872eff1adc89e.jpeg c2ab99ee5661b7d99a17be1f44d95b184440d921.jpeg 4777fcf3d55e9bb1db5ff301b35710b996b8c992.jpeg

Looks really nice!

Did you buy the indie pack perchance? What do you think of the included substances if so?

Thanks n00854180t but I’m only buy the SD and SP.