Allegorithmic: how to change the uv-tiling in ue 4?


i try to use substances in ue4 and i got a question:

when i drop my substance on an static mesh, i want to change the uv - tiling of the substance in ue4 (like i can do it with ue-materials).

and here is my question:
where can i change this uv - tiling with the substance in ue4
(i looked around in the “substance graph instance” and in the “material”/… but i cant find such an “Material Expression Texture Coordinate”/uv-tiling - option) ?

thanks a lot for an answer
and an nice weekend for everyone!


You need to use a Texture Coordinate node into your UVs, you can set a tiling value there.

hi Triplelexx,

thanks a lot!