Allegorithmic Community Discord chat

Hi awesome Unreal Engine community.

I would like to share with you our growing Allegorithmic Community on Discord.
Discord is a nice - new - instant messaging and vocal application for your smartphone and computer. An easy way to get in touch with people who got the same interest as you.

We created this server few months ago to give people a simple and useful tool to discuss and share about Substance products, in real time.
If you are interested to join us, here is le shiny link to the official post to get Discord and join the server:

Le shiny link to Allegorithmic Discord details](

If you already know what to do, here is the invitation link:

Send me to discord :rolleyes:](

Hope to see you there soon!

Come join the awesome community Manaberry and Allegorithmic have setup.

As the impending Epic game jam is about to begin maybe you can find some like minded Substance savvy team mates!


This is a fantastic community! I highly recommend joining if you are a Substance artist.


Discord is a nice way to report bugs faster than usual.

Yesterday, we created a new #channel for Substance Integration. It concern Unreal Engine as well.
Feel free to report bugs and provide feedback with this faster way.

Faster Allegorithmic gets feedback and bug report, faster the problem will be solved : >

Have a lovely day,


Joined! :smiley: