Allegoria Syndrome

Welcome to ZARAY games sort of devlog.

I present Allegoria Syndrome, a mix of 2D and 3D “metroidvania and survival horror” pixel art game, that I’m working alone on for the moment.
What has been done so far are the game concept ideas, some OST and 1 pixel animation (I’m new to this domain).
Also I know C, C# and GDScript basics, and can do some drawings, so I may say I’m a wanna be game designer.

-Game Concept:
Allegoria Syndrome is taking place in a dark world, with RPG elements such as spells (here “Spiritual Arts”).
The main character, Nash, is a common folk that decide to eradicate a curse that has occured to his city as soon as his wife died. People and himself starts living what they say, hear or read, creating parralel worlds that conflict each ones and others. The game will feature guns arsenal and original mechanics.
To put peace in the natural Godship nature, Nash must defeat Words of Sins (bosses) and their minions, and clear peoples sins including his own and his passed wife.
There will be explorations and battle phases.

-Here is the OST (not full and unfinished at the time I’m writing):

-Pixel art (done in 1 hour, I’m new to this):
Gun shooting - YouTube

We need programers with 3D and 2D knowledge, for a result ressembling as Octopath Traveler on Switch design.

Feel free to join ZARAY games’s discord here! :slight_smile:
Discord (work application are open, and I will close it when a little solid team is formed)

So you may ask, who is this guy?
I’m a 30 years old musician, composing music for 2 other games.

Why don’t he do it all by himself?
My job takes me too much time to fully learn simplier engines. So as I request help, I came here from an other engine forum to seek it and why not, boost the game quality.

Does he have experience in creating games?
As I said already, I’m a musician approaching to a profesional career, it takes me too much time and effort. But as a gamer too, I always had some gamedev ideas in my head, and they are now diamond clear as I started developing this game on an other engine around 2 weeks ago, and sharing ideas with others.

Should I apply?
You are welcome to join the discord if you wish to follow the project, or participate to develop it.