Allar's Sandbox [Last Feature: Mackelmore's Thrift Shop]




I can’t find the download button. Nor do I know whats going on here but I like it

nice level layout :-p not bad to start with the youtube wall is pretty funny ;-).

Thats a nice blah you got going on there :smiley:

great! di you embed youtube in the game?

I know they are only temporary but for some reason I really enjoyed the weaponless projectiles lol.


And it lives!

Borderlands 3, the first days ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I want to know if you did this or not as well :0.

he has not! or has he, has not? Only thy shall tell

Yes, I did.

I wondered when you were going to post this over here :smiley: Cool progress since the first screenshots, you had the best recruitment thread ever.

lol Jamsh, you made me chuckle when you mentioned Allar’s recruitment thread… that was a beautiful thread haha

That looks fine , i like the landscape and the gameplay seems to be good , looking forward to some videos :slight_smile:


Edit: Apparently I can’t change thread titles like I could on the old forums.

Not positive, but if you were going for a System Shock 2 vibe you totally hit it there.

Daksevkia he is remaking something from the good old times :smiley: