All Vegetation Pack


With this pack I’m trying to deliver any kind of vegetation assets as a single content pack so expect to see plants, flowers, trees, anything. I intend to support the pack with every piece of vegetation I make in my spare time into this pack as weekly updates.

At the moment there are four grass variation, and I’ll be posting more grass variation soon. (Wind included). And I’ll be posting detailed information regarding number of LODs, Tri-Counts, texture sizes, etc. for every piece at a later time when I have a handful of assets done. So here are images of the fantastic four. :wink:

I think I’d just say $30 for this pack.

Love your work Maximum-Dev, Cant wait to see more.
Keeping my eye on this one!

This grass is fantastic. If the rest looks this good I will buy it

This looks gorgeous

Thank you. :slight_smile:

So nice man , great work as usual.

I very large, well done vegetation pack is exactly what I need! Can’t wait to see what all you add to it!

Really nice bro

Here’s a rock for your environments. Going to post an update when the texturing is done.

Hi guys, found a little time so went ahead and textured this guy.
I will create some more textures for this for the sake of variation later when I have time.