All time "Launching engine" bug

Hi, i try to build PC project to the HTML5. And i make all lightings to static. I launch in the nightly firefox and when i make simple project first person character i could launch without problems. But i cannot launch another project in the HTML5. I had “Launching engine…” for thirty five minutes+. If some one know how to fix this plese write the answer.

Now i have another error…

Im having the same issue, just sits at launching engine with no error - if you know how to find a way to atleast show an error or which file is stuck loading please let me know!

I remake the project and this error fixed…

Hi, I am having the same issue now. The builds worked before but now this is happening. How did you solve it? Did you make a new project and migrate all the assets? Or did you just rebuild the existing one using different settings? Thanks