All textures 64x64 after Project converted from 5.3 > 5.4

I have converted some 5.3 projects to 5.4 .
All the textures from 5.3 are displayed as 64x64, even though they are more usualy 1k or more.

At first I thought it to be a mipmap issue, but later found out the textures themselves are shrunk to 64x64 from the texture editor itself!

2 things seem to fix those issue, either reimport them, or changing the max texture size from the texture editor window.

Please help!


I think I have found a temporary global solution.

My guess is this problem occurred due to new Zen technology for handling DDC.

By default local DDC path in Editor Pref > General > Global is empty. We can manually enter any new location there, it will prompt a restart, and then it will force the engine to recompute all the cache data within the project.

Alternatively deleting the default DDC path’s content also works!

Hope it helps to those that came across this. I would love to hear about any better approach than this!