All my spawns happen at the same position, can't figure out why, possibly due to RootComponent?

I’m trying to spawn 3d grids of cubes like so:


void AMultiCubeSpawnner::BeginPlay()



FVector Location(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);

FRotator Rotation(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);

FActorSpawnParameters SpawnInfo;

for (float x=-2; x<3; x++)

	for (float y=-2; y<3; y++)

		for (float z=-2; z<3; z++)


			Location = FVector(x*10.f, y*10.f, z*10.f);

			GetWorld()->SpawnActor<AFloatingActor>(Location, Rotation, SpawnInfo);



They all spawn at the exact same point.

Also, the log states:

LogActor: Warning: FloatingActor /Game/StarterContent/Maps/UEDPIE_0_Minimal_Default.Minimal_Default:PersistentLevel.FloatingActor_0 has natively added scene component(s), but none of them were set as the actor's RootComponent - picking one arbitrarily

can’t figure out why they’re all at the same point. Little help??

I even tried hard-coding the coords, no luck:
GetWorld()->SpawnActor<AFloatingActor>(FVector(10,0,0), Rotation, SpawnInfo); GetWorld()->SpawnActor<AFloatingActor>(FVector(0,10,0), Rotation, SpawnInfo);