All my animations broke

Today I was on my project and I did a big mistake, I uploaded a character mesh with mixamo skeleton and associated it with a unreal engine skeleton, than the mesh merged the bones and it asked for me to save, and when i saved it, all the animations associated with the skeleton (all my animations) became T poses with head bobbing. I literally don’t know what to do, is there a way to load like a backup project? if nothing works is there a way to load a backup? this bug litteraly killed my game and i would like to restore it.

The animation are probably still good. Just take any copy you have of the original stuff and re-import the base skeleton. Then re-target all the animations to the base skeleton you just re-imported.
This should sort it out.

This just happened to me and I really can’t figure it out. I’ve started re-adding AnimStarterPack to my project as a fresh re-do and I’m now trying to move my custom stuff over but even having trouble doing that. I think the base animations did all get screwed because the “Animation Track Names” are all gone. I have no clue how to “rebuild” that.

Did anyone ever figure this out? Changing the skeleton doesn’t work.

A couple of things to check…
Under the Retarget manager tab in “skeleton” at bottom “manage retarget Base Pose” if pose is “A” but when you click show pose it changes to “T” then click hide pose, then click modify pose to current to set the base pose to “A” . Or it could be something else,

also under skeleton check out the “options” show retargeting options… Root and Pelvis and ik bones set to animation, everything else set skeleton (right click, recursive is your friend)

This just happened to me and it broke the entire game. The last backup is weeks old. Why would unreal merge a new skeleton into existing ones and not the other way around? This is a terrible feature. Then it tells you you need to save them and that locks it in for every animation in your entire game.