All mighty logic flow tool

Trying to figure out how everything works in the Strategy Game sample.
Being a mix of C++ code and Blueprints, finding how logic flows is … let’s say challenging.
Are there tools to visualize all interactions?
Is there a single place (window, dependencies simple text list …) where I can easily find if gold materialization logic is set in Blueprint or C++, building upgrade logic is in Blueprint or C++ …?

Imagine you just downloaded the Strategy Game sample and do not know about the official doc here

(even reading that does not give you all details).
How would you fully analyze it? Pen on paper?

Well pick something from the game you want to know about.

For example lets say its the Gold spawn since it is located on the map I would click one then in SceneOutliner right click on it and click find in ContentBrowser. It will open the actor in blueprint from there you can see how it works. If the graph is empty you can see what class in C++ it is derived from in the top right corner you could then click on that and go to the code to see whats going on.

Hope this answers your question there are surely a lot of different approaches depending on what you are trying to find.

Thanks DJMidKnight yeah you can do that. Click here, look in that corner, open blueprint and right-click to pan…

I was thinking of an easy way to browse complex flows.
Do you know doxygen? (
Kind of like that but spanning both C++ and Blueprint.

I guess what I look for is a nice Reference Viewer, the current UE4 one not being very functional.