All Logic Outputs Are False in One BP

I think the picture says it better than I can.

true and true is false

This seems to only be the case in one of my BPs in the project. Everything else seems to work just fine. I’ve looked around online but found nothing, and I don’t even know where to start with this. Any help is appreciated!

The debugger can be unreliable, just use a print string.

Thanks for your response! The logic in the picture is actually linked to a branch node, and the node always take the false icon – even when both inputs are marked true, as above.

As a side note, hat’s definitely good to know about the debugger – thanks for that!

I think you probably have a logic error somewhere else in the code :wink:

Maybe show a bit more?

This is wisdom. What part of the code would it be useful to see? There’s a lot of it in there, and I’m assuming you don’t want the entirety of the BP :slight_smile: Thanks!

Oh, and just to make sure I understand what you’re saying – it’s possible that the debug is giving me the wrong value and there’s a logic problem in the code that is causing the same outcome as the error. Yes? I mean, it’d be a hefty coincidence, but given that I’m getting a literal True + True = False, I think it’s a totally valid theory :wink:

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Likelyhood the debugger is just giving the wrong value here = 1/10?

Likelyhood this node is not working properly = 0

So, there might also be something going on in your code…


This is logical. I’m just not sure how the rest of my code affects an AND statement where there are no variables, I’ve just manually set both inputs on that node to true.

Oh wait. I just realized the problem: I’m an idiot.

I was looking at the values while I was still on the branch node, before UE had processed them. I went to the next node and looked and everything was fine.

Sorry to take your time, but I really do appreciate your help. In truth, without the poking around I was doing on your behalf, I probably wouldn’t have figured this out for a good, long while.

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