All legacy wiki links are broken

There must be tens of thousands of places that people have linked incredibly useful tutorials on the old wiki. They’re found in search results, forum posts, tweets, blog posts. With the new wiki these links are all broken, instead they lead to a single forum post, making it very difficult to find the information.

For example searching for “UE4 get all actors of class” online finds this answerhub post, which references a tutorial that is no longer there. Even searching for this page on the new wiki results in nothing. Even clicking on the “Learn” tab within the Epic Game Store takes you to the broken wiki forum post.

The forum post mentions a legacy wiki, which goes to a dead page. It seems you have tried to preserve old pages, why not forward to those pages?

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I don’t think Epic has anything to do with that wiki

Community wiki just has been converted from MediaWiki (Wikipedia wiki engine) to the custom software customized for the needs of such “documentation wiki”. It’s an early version and we still find and fix post-conversion issues.
I think we can fix problem with the missing redirect from “”. Thanks for reporting that!

Any legacy page can be simply found under this address:

However, we have no control over anything outside of the Wiki site itself.

Could you add an automatic link redirect to the new address per page?