All in one world lighting solution?

Currently I’m in the process of converting a fair number of environment (maps) over to UE4 all outdoors and each map is unique from one another so requires messing around with the environment lighting which is rather time consuming.

What I’ve gotten into the habit of doing is harvesting the environmental elements from another project or from an asset that I bought from the marketplace and migrating it as a master light level stream it. Still time consuming as it’s a process that requires a form of window shopping to find the perfect solution.


Looking to the marketplace there seems to be a number of offerings that suggest that the product would fit the need but the videos suggest that it would fill one need but not another so I was hoping someone could point me to a possible BP solution.

Ideal what I’m looking for would be similar to 3ds Max’s ability to place a light element into the environment and select from a preset and the job is done.

Failing that I would be happy to purchase any asset that was already set up with a selection (the more the better) of different environmental conditions as well as post processing

not sure if this is feasible but I’ll follow this thread :slight_smile: