All in one samples far to confusing.

Is there any chance that the sample content files could be broken down to individual packages? The all in one is to confusing as to what belongs to what and I would rather have individual samples relating to a single need.

Why you think it so confusing? levels with samples are named properly right? So you should know what belong to what ;]

For one thing to many trees in the forest.

You have the forums. You have the AnswerHub. You have The Wiki. You have the Learn in the launcher and none of the information is consolidated in a useful manner.

It’s like walking into a library and the book you are looking for on how to build a button is stored in the section on how to make pipes.

Worst yet.

A lot of the information is out of date and does not match up with the current version of the engine. Information presented in 4.0 is not the same or excludes important information as to functions in the current version of the engine and the samples generally don’t reflect the changes as a complete package or when updated your back to having to download the entire package once again to check as to relevant changes.

More than a few times I wasted a lot of time finding the book that does not say one day man will land on the moon and the learn part of the launcher “should” be the one single source as to up to date information.

Hey Frankie!

We are always interested in what formats people find the most useful. Some people really want the full samples to see how everything works together. Others like smaller, bite-size chunks that show specific concepts. We try to provide samples in the format that best suits the concepts being demonstrated. If you have ideas of how we could better present our samples, please let us know.

The official home for all of our learning material is here:

We do our best to keep the information there up to date, though I admit we are not always successful due to the rapid development cycle of the engine. If you find out of date information, please feel free to report it to us so we can enter tasks in our bug tracker and get it updated as soon as possible.

The other resources you listed are community driven and not really something we can completely monitor or maintain.

I agree with Frankie here. Content examples project is just huge, i remember how hopelessly i was lost when opened it first. I knew all i need is in input example, but i could not make anything out of it for few days. I learned it all from other sources.

More helpful for learning would be tiny projects that focus on single aspect and do not share blueprints. Single small level that shows solution to simple task.

The Content Examples project is scheduled to be broken up into smaller pieces. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a while. We are waiting for the feature packs functionality to be finished so each individual piece can just be a pack you can pull into any project. I don’t have a firm ETA on when that will happen, but it’s definitely on our radar!

Hay Jeff long time no type.

My vote as the best option would be to cycle small examples through the learning center in the launcher that can quickly be updated as to improvements in key features. Granted no one likes to write documentation but…

A good example is I’m trying to get my head around the root motion improvements that requires the controls to be included in the animation blueprint, and not in the character blue print. The current root motion sample is based on using a Montage so it’s a “man will land on the moon” problem as RM no longer needs Montage.

For example.

There is no clear sample or example of how RM is suppose to work with out the need for a Montage,

Since cutting stuff into smaller samples is coming it’s something I can wait for but RM is a big deal improvement that really should have a working sample even if it’s an update to the current Content Examples.

P.S. Coke or Pepsi? :wink:

Strange thing to say to a technical writer whose job is to write documentation. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are updates to the Animation documentation coming fairly soonish. The root motion updates should be a part of that. Getting the sample updated may take a bit longer.

bigger is better?

Watching Lauren give overview of all the different resources was really nice. I wish it was the first thing presented to me when i signed up last week?

I used Zaks short series on creating a 3rd person shooter game, basically set up a guy to move around and punch from scratch via Blueprints, as my intro to UE and game development. My way to get a frame of reference before i actually try anything as I don’t know anything about UE and not much about game development.

I think something a long that line would help totally new folks. Not Intro to UE Editor(still havnt touched that), but where and what help is available and than a short guided tour not of UE but of creating something that touches the key areas and concepts of game development.

So i guess im the opposite. I vote for an all in one tutorial that just scratches a little of everything and is real(includes using perforce). The idle animation in Zak’s tutorial was a little off(skeleton mismatch?), the punching wasnt clean, but it was enough to teach about skeletons, animating them, blueprints in general, BP debugging. I think im still missing a lot: meshes, lighting, AI/pathing and other stuff i dont know that i dont know. Why are the splines in Zak’s Spline tutorial not instanced meshes like in Ian’s Dungeon Keeper level creator tutorial?

Anyway, i think a really quick and dirty hands on all in one tutorial would be really helpful. For some.