All I want to do is Fade Awayyyyyyyyy

OK I don’t personally but I have several actors (I’m calling them hot spots as once you click on them it merges camera to a static cam) - when the camera merges I usually get some of the other hot spots smash through the camera so what I want is to simply make all these actors fade away to zero viability… I have made them all go away at once but it looks clunky (see BP below). I’ve looked high and low and all I can see how to do this is set up some sort of dynamic material? firstly I have no idea how to do that and secondly surly there is a node i’m missing that just does this for you, it’s got to be a common thing? :-S Any help would be great! thanks :slight_smile:

actor go away please.jpg

output of “out actosr” is array, so you need to “for each loop” and then set hidden…

You do not. The input pin can take an array. You can also connect multiple object references to an input pin; this has the same effect as creating a loop yourself.

As for how to fade the object to zero: