all I did was calling one specific function...

Just like the title said…

I need the left over number(?, sorry about my bad English) when I divide an integer by another integer…

With that number, I can decide whether I should hide or show the specific image.

but that function kept make whole program crashes for 2 hours and i cannot find what have I done wrong, especially with effects of chain smoking and coffees.

here is code…

int UActionsPanelWidget::GetTempIndexForPointer()
	int theTempIndex = CurrentSelectedAction % CurrentScrollPage;
	return theTempIndex;

CurrentSelectedAction and CurrentScrollPage are integers
is using % and returning as integer that bad? other functions seems fine… i think.

help me please. I cannot drag with my project by it too much.

If it’s crashing, it should give you a log with the error that caused the crash. I would also suggest learning how to debug within your IDE, as that will better help you solve problems later down the road.

My guess is that you’re calling this on a null UActionsPanelWidget, but I cannot be certain.

Thanks. When I read logs, all I get is this one…


You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack.

Hmmm… I am being clueless.

Tried similar way on Blueprint, but it is working! but I get weird numbers… at least it is not crashing. thanks!

You will want to install the debugging symbols. You can do that from the launcher. I sincerely suggest you do so, it will make resolving these issues much easier.

doing it right now. thank you :slight_smile:

Hey Marjane,

From your machine ID, it looks like you are dividing by a 0, resulting in the crash.