All github versions give the same error

Hello everyone,
I would like to report this


No matter if i download the master or the promoted branch i always get this error for the past week.
Any idea why?
Thank you.

Hey -

I was able to download the latest master branch this morning and run both Setup.bat and GenerateProjectFiles.bat without any issues. It appears that the plugin “Udp Messaging” is causing some interference with the setup process. If you have the plugin on your computer I would try moving it to another location or deleting it and then trying again.


May i ask what do you mean by ‘if i have the plugin i should move it or delete it’? Shouldn’t that plugin be part of the download? In any case could you please tell me where that plugin’s ‘default’ install location is?

I dont know, it makes no sense to me what is going on… :slight_smile:

I moved the whole downloaded folder to an external HDD and it worked! Something fishy is going on but since it worked i am not complaining.

Thank you for your help.

I experienced this as well (the above error message on running GenerateProjectFiles.bat - the “Setup” process that runs gitdependencies works just fine), and managed to troubleshoot it part-way. It appears to be due to filename length (Windows sometimes has awkward limitations on path length that vary depending on how you use them): it happened when I had the repo checked out to C:\Users\Ryan\Desktop\src\third-party\UnrealEngine-4.8, but moving it to C:\ue\UnrealEngine-4.8 solved the problem - in both cases I was using the 4.8 branch from today commit 8125e223028daef410b00f66793c05e1a23fc520 , on Win8.1, VS2013. That should hopefully be sufficient information to reproduce the bug. When I was affected, looking at the log files and -verbose output from UBT all indicated that the UdpMessaging plugin (which is in the source at Engine\Plugins\Messaging\UdpMessaging) was being found in the source tree, but nothing I did regarding changing platforms, comparing with 4.7, etc. was able to get dependent projects (if you disable UnrealLaunchDaemon, then UnrealFrontend fails as the next project to require UdpMessaging) to build.

It looks like some build system changes landed around 4/22, which might be related given the timeline you mentioned.

(Ironically, my path for the release branch is even longer: C:\Users\Ryan\Desktop\src\third-party\UnrealEngine-release yet works just fine.)

To make this an answer, and not just a fleshed-out version of the question: the workaround for the bug is to move the source repo to a directory with a shorter name.