All Falls Down #FuriousEleganceContest

Title: All Falls Down Virtual DJ Concert

Video URL:

Student Submission: Yes/No (pick one) NO

Credits to sourced content:
Unreal Engine Marketplace:
Character Body FX Vol. 1
Cyberpunk Skyscraper
Galaxy Materials (+Skybox)
Background VFX
Laser Show System
Hairstyles Pack: Female v02

Set of Robots [Marcos Faci]

Modern Speaker Asset [FZlx]

All Falls Down # Alan Walker, Noah Cyrus&Digital Farm Animals

Screenshot of project in-editor:


  • Description

The giant robot arm was rigged and key-framed in Unreal Engine, together with the beautiful virtual DJ girl, I think it’s matching the topic Furious+Elegance.

Inspired by the Travis Scott virtual concert, I have always wanted to create a virtual concert using Unreal Engine. Thanks to, I have used it to record the animation, and I barely fixed or polished the animation.

It’s really great to be in an era that there are so many tools that allow you to create things without limitation.

/ backstory to the piece / feedback around the challenge

  • Engine version 5.1

Thank you, @MEGOYANG, for your impressive submission to the FuriousEleganceContest! How much time did you spend developing this scene in its entirety? :star_struck:

Really glad that you like it @Zezkaii . So for the whole show I guess it would be more than 80 hours.

Reason is I spent a lot of time learning things:

  1. How to rig the robot arm in unreal engine, was following the tutorial and content package released by Epic 2 months ago.
  2. How to make assets and Niagara particles that are responsive with sound. For example the big speaker, was following other people’s work, then replaced the speaker asset, tweaked material settings.
  3. How to make and load simulated effects in the sequence. For example, the smashed bridge effect was done the chaos system, record and load. And the cloth simulation was made using style3D meta plugin simulation.

Oh wow! This is amazing! Love the concept idea and camera work!

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I appreciate the clarification! It’s safe to say your hard work in learning new techniques and incorporating them into your creation has definitely paid off. Thank you for participating in the challenge. :grin: