All example bueprints should include also

The list of at less the “most important” methods in C++ as an index, so that way, we could link the knowledge from how to do it in a blueprint with also look at this C++ API to make it on your own.

Yeah, the function names is similar because reflection or something… but what classes?? (what is their name) ;).

Well if not each method name, at less the list of names for used classes, so you can connect the dots :).

For example, I can see how to use MultiLineTraceByChannel in blueprints… but for C++ to know where it is, I need to search… but docummentation will help skip that little search (trying to find the API :P).


By the way, is there a offline API to search? or how to generate a nice one from source? thought it will not contain info from the wiki on how to use it more than what can be extracted from code.

Or at least if the info is separated on chapters, a final chapter of C++ reference ;).

Of classes which you can use and the links to the API, even if ***not ***granular to method level and structs and so on, but at less class names to look for.