All Cameras Gone from Sequencer?

I am working on one Sequence with a total of 12 cameras.
So far everything worked fine, until… suddenly all my cams are gone :eek:

very frustrating… can anybody explain what that is?

  • How can that happen?
  • And how can I get all my cams back?

I did 10000% not delete them


Did you change levels or duplicate a level? Are they in the world outliner still? If so right click on each name and select the world outliner camera from the list.

This happens frequently, especially if you are changing or duplicating levels.

Easy fix: In the sequencer, pull down the Action menu (the wrench) and select Action>Advanced>Fix Actor References

That should bring them all back at once. Then Save and Save All.

  • I did not change a level
  • I did not duplicate a level
  • Cameras are not in the Outliner, because those cameras have been created inside the Sequencer (Spawnable)

Unfortunately, the Advanced Action → Fix Actor Reference didn’t resolve the issue either.