All C++ scripts failed to load on startup

My project has been running fine, but recently encountered an issue on startup. All of my C++ classes are having issues loading. I’m getting errors reading
Failed to load ‘C++ class’ references by ‘Blueprint node’ and
CreateExport: Failed to load Outer for resource

The solution still builds in Visual Studio, but nothing loads into Unreal. The compile button in Unreal is also missing now. I’ve tried reverting to older revisions from my source control and somehow it still has issues.

I fixed it. It was a weird perforce issue. It was a bad interaction with perforce that messed up my uproject file. My initial commit didn’t include the module reference, and I never updated it after making the file writable when I added C++ files. Just had to add it back after it got overwritten.

            "Name": "VRBook",
            "Type": "Runtime",
            "LoadingPhase": "Default"