All BluePrint windows not Visible

I am unable to see anything related to my blueprint when I open it up-all the windows disappear. This includes the “My Blueprint” and “Components” tabs on the left as well as the “Toolbar” with the viewport and event graph in the middle. Please help me see all windows again that (I would think) should be there by default. I’ll attach a picture to show you what I mean.

I’m trying to make it look more like this:

That’s weird. Click on the button called window on the very top of the screen in the left and pick everything you need.

Check out this page: Layout Customization | Unreal Engine Documentation

Ok, well, on my screen, I am not seeing all the options located under window that are shown in the link you provided. How can I get those options to reappear? Here is a screenshot of what I mean:

Ok, strange. When I clicked on “Open Full Blueprint Editor” that you see in the image above, everything appeared again. Thanks for the help.