All blueprint, sorta learner kit. UI,Main Menu, custom weapons and other stuff

So yup, I’m bored, and feeling super generous, and I really cannot be bothered to do a few videos showing this stuff.

Most of the UI stuff I am probably going to recode anyway for sake of less complexity. Hopefully each will have their own screens and i don’t like the current way buttons are done. But they work amazingly well if you can understand how i did it. But i can’t seem to add disabled states and a few other things just yet due to my own uneducated current self. And I’m sorta writing a book as i go along with things, but mostly I am trying to code a super complex RTS engine add-on, somewhat my own take on how Relic made theirs for Dow2. Mostly to learn a lot of things, even if it fails.

But erm yea.

This has:

Weapons code graveyard - some snippet nodes that did things or were just musings.
Character that runs, jumps levels up etc.
Has a ranged weapon that i have now fixed as far as i know. Your character spawns the shooty weapon at beginning of play. Then weapon gets attached. the weapons code is in the weapon.
projectile things in the projectile. you can drag over the weapons blueprint into the level, code the character to pick it up and should work that way too.

It mostly didn’t work before hand due to my own misunderstanding between Actors and Classes. But now i know a bit better and I think i hate Actors now. As you have to make them exist first. And that is bad when trying to make your own weapons. (you dont want lots of flak in your level each time just to get something important working)

All the RPG stuff i made from my previous videos. Complicated.

Main menu- with its own level. click a few buttons and change the options etc. start a new game, and the test map loads up. click P for the pause menu and do other things. Saving and loading still not quite done.

Hover over the button to see its name. It basically works by getting its name when you hover over it. and if the name is same as the one you hover over, then it will do something.

Theres a few other things. but explore. Learn. Figure things out for yourself :smiley:

DL links

extract into your projects directory, load up and update to latest version if needed.

Thanks a lot for this awesome gift ! Another lots of hours to discover and learn ^^

I havent really used Google for hosting stuff, but any problems with the site I’ll just re upload.

This is great, thanks for sharing it. I learn better by playing around with stuff like this.

Absolutely no troubles with google drives. Only thing is taht people have to know that the download button is at middle top of the page :stuck_out_tongue:

Some smallish progress on what i’ve been doing.

Awesome work!
But unfortunately cannot download the file from Google docs. It keeps having network errors and failed downloads due to network errors.
I’ve tried other google doc files as well, with no problem. :frowning:

Anybody else having any issues?

Works fine for me, re-uploaded to another site for now then. check first post

hi HorusHeretic
thanks for sharing
i have ue4 version 4.6.1
i opened the project and its seems every thing is broking
can u re upload with version later than 4.2??

This is really out of date now and the menu system is replaced with umg, theres videos i have done on youtube on how i reworked it, although a little bit out of date you will just have to replace a few nodes.

the sad thing is the character and weapon BP broken almost every thing not just the HUD