All Blender Animations deformed after import into Skeleton transition retargeting

Suppose I created a one frame animation in Blender where the character (generated from MakeHuman) is extending his arms out to hold an assault rifle. Note in the blender image the arms lie in front of each other forming a straight line. (Where the rifle would be)

Now back in UE4 If I import the animation it ends up with something like this.

The only way to get it back to the blender animation is by setting all the translation retargeting options back to “Animation.” However this solution won’t work for me since I need the bones to be set to “Skeleton” for retargeting purposes.

So essentially my question is if there is any way for me to edit animations within Blender and take into account the deformations that will be caused by the “Skeleton” setting for translation retargeting?

If the nature of my question is hard to understand, I can try to elaborate more upon request. Thank you very much!

here the same fbx

exported to the UE 4.21 but the skeleton isn’t correct