all ads availible for ue4

I created a game just for android and its free so i want to add a advertise on my game that support paypal payment
It’s possible?

Apple in my experience just adds an overlay over the app/game, does android not automate it as well? Seems odd they would shift the responsibility for that onto the developer.

Sorry i dont understand you say
I dont use ads until now so i can not use it
How i can put a ad banner abow my game screen ?
Ads system is in game engine or no ?
I can’t find a tutorial for use ad
Thank you

Android has an Ads system that you can integrate into your game just like iOS does, you have to look through how that’s integrated.

By the way, add revenue counts towards royalty you have to pay to Epic.

How i can integrate ads in my game ? Must i integrate with game engine or other thingh?
I want a ad system that transfer paymentto my paypal acount…