Alisher Mirzoev - 3d/2d artist looking for a project

Hello guys, i’m an environment concept artist moving to 3d, so looking for a fun project to join as a 3d guy for non-character related stuff. Don’t have much to show at the moment, so would really like to get some more experience with you!
Maya/Zbrush/3dcoat/a bit of Substance stuff/a bit of UE
Strong 2d background, about 3-5 years experience as concept/2d artist at various projects

Previous work:
Not much in 3d, looking for a project to build a strong portfolio, expecially environments
Work examples:**

You can also check out my 2d works at

We can also agree on full process stuff like concept -> final model, not only concepts though.

Skype: yellomice


Hello again guys, i’ve been pretty busy with 2d work lately so if you send me a message and didnt get the answer- please do it again, i might’ve missed it. And yeah, available for 3d work again! See my contacts in the first post.

Hello yellomice!

If you would be OK working on a royalties project, please consider ours: Operation: Trident.

It is a cold war submarine simulator and we will be needing high detail models of exteriors and interiors of approximately 16 submarines, weapons, surfaces ships, aircraft and much more. Here’s a recent recruiting video we did.

You can reply here or contact me at [EMAIL=“”]

Available again!

Hello yellowmice
Right now i am looking for 3D Artists that have knowledge in using Unreal Engine 4, but if you don’t have, it’s okay as well. The designers must know how to produce realistic models.
The project that we will be working on is a SWAT team game.You play as a SWAT member and you enter houses, bases or whatever places, investigate the case, find the victim, arrest the people that are related to the crime and so on.
The SWAT team can be AI (artificial intelligence) - single player or Co-op (Playing with friends)
You will breach, arrest, kill if needed, solve puzzles and mysteries.

The game is 3D, first person shooter, high quality graphics.

We just started some work on the movements of the player and some other mechanics.

The 3D Artist must have:
• A ‘can-do’ attitude
• Experience with the Unreal Engine (not required)
• Ability to make realistic 3D characters.
• Willingness to cooperate and communicate with the rest of the team

For now we have a Game Designer & UI/UX Designer (Me), C++ Programmer (Dominik) and a 3D Texture Artist (Moustafa).

The position isn’t paid, but the project is really serious - the share revenue plan on this game is pretty huge - we will make a kickstarter, plus join patreon, plus participate in Unreal Dev Grants (which is 5,000$ - 50,000$) + donations from fans (the project is big).

We will be developing the game in Unreal Engine 4.

If you are interested:
Skype ID: krissko02 (mention the position you’re applying for when you send a request)

Best Regards,