Alisa Bosconovitch 3rd Person Action Prototype

Greetings UE4 Dev Community

Today marks the end of my Advanced Weapons and Vehicles Design module at Staffordshire University, in which we were tasked to created a two-state transforming character.

I would love you folks to see the result as it stands for the submission, but I hope to continue to improve the prototype / gather opinions on what I can do better next time beyond today’s deadline.

Here is the final video demonstration:

*Character Prototype made in Unreal Engine 4 by

Additional Models and HUD Graphics -
Blueprints -
Particle Effects -
Sound Effects -

Motion Captured at Staffordshire University VICON T-Series Mo cap Suite

Performance -
Mo-Cap Tech -
Hand-Animation Clean up -

BGM - Tekken Blood Vengeance OST - New Kinkakuji Battle

I claim no rights to Alisa Bosconovitch, or any contents of the Tekken universe, including names, characters, audio, movelists etc. Nor do I claim rights to images of the Windows Keyboard or SONY PlayStation’s DualShock 4 and PS Logo.

This project was created as a University project and all properties herein are handled in a non-profit manner with respect to the original IP and its owners; thereby qualifying for fair-use.

Some Sound Effects contain audio from Freesound users:

Audionautics and JFBSAUVE

Sounds are used and adapted fairly under the Attribution License

Primary HCI: Dualshock 4 with Vibration for: Attacks, Block, Explosions, Chainsaws (Latent and attack patterns), Death, Footsteps, Receive Damage, Rocket charging (Jumps and Sky Rocket Super Punch)

Running on PC NVidia Shield Tablet Compatible

Special thanks to:

I will be preparing an executable build shortly.

Thank you.

PC Build can be downloaded here:

Works best with a controller, but also Keyboard and Mouse Compatible. See presentation video for controls.