Aligning screen based UMG elements to world space positions

I’m trying to make a Screen Space UMG element line up exactly to a position in world space - I believe the correct way to do this is to use a Widget component set to Screen space - however I can’t seem to get the elements to line up correctly.

My blueprint setup:

My UI setup:

In-Game Result:

I’m trying to make the blue UI square line up with the red sphere - it’s seems to be rendering at an offset position. I get the same result if I align the blue square in the top-left corner of the canvas.

Any ideas?

I believe those settings are correct:

Canvas Panel:


In case anybody wants to try it for themselves, here’s the project (4.8.1):

link text

Did you manage to fix your problem?

I downloaded the project files and it exactly lines up on my side. Maybe an update fixed the 3D UMG widget component as it is still and experimental component? Would still like to help look into this if you are still struggling…

That’s really weird, I’m still getting the same issue in 4.8.2.

It seems to line up when the red circle is close to the top-left corner of the screen, but I’m at a loss as to what else I can try in order to diagnose the problem.

For anybody who stumbles on this in the future: I found the problem! Make sure your Resolution Scale in the Settings > Engine Scalability Settings is set to 100%, it seems like world UI Widgets don’t function correctly when using a downscaled resolution.

I managed to recreate the problem when I played around with those settings. Great job in finding the solution!